The Ph.D. program in Computer Science and Computational Mathematics offered by Università degli Studi dell’Insubria is jointly administered by Dipartimento di Scienze Teoriche ed Applicate (Department of Theoretical and Applied Sciences) and by Dipartimento di Scienze ed Alta Tecnologia (Department of Sciences and High Technology). The program is aimed at students interested in obtaining research positions in universities as well as in government or industrial research institutions.
The Ph.D. program lasts three years. There are currently 9 available positions: 7 of them come with a fellowship granted by our university, the remaining two have no grant associated. Additional grants might come from research projects supported by funding agencies and/or private companies. The program is articulated into two phases. The first 18 months are mainly devoted to attending courses and seminars at both Università degli Studi dell’Insubria (see here) or elsewhere (other universities, national or international PhD schools, etc.). In this respect, students have a significant amount of flexibility in building up their own study plan; attending courses at other Italian and foreign universities, is highly encouraged. The second 18 months are mainly devoted to independent research activity under the guidance of a supervisor. The program also financially encourages students and supervisors to plan towards longer term research visits to international research venues.
The main outcome of a Ph.D. course of study is a Ph.D. dissertation collecting original research work carried out by the student. This will typically take the form of publications in international journals and/or proceedings of international research conferences. The dissertation will be defended in front of a defense jury made up of external experts.