How to enroll

Admission to the Ph.D. program is decided by the Ph.D. Board. The agenda of the selection procedure will be published online. The Ph.D. Board decisions will be made available through the publication of the list of admitted candidates. Successful candidates should enroll, under penalty of exclusion, by the deadline indicated on the public notice page. The following documents should be delivered to Ufficio Formazione Post Lauream, Via Ravasi 2, 21100 – Varese, Italy:

  • complete registration form (“modulo di immatricolazione”), which will be made available at here (check link “moduli” on the right);
  • copy of an identity document;
  • copy of the Italian Tax Code (“codice fiscale”);
  • bank account details (only for fellowship winners) – form will be made available at here;
  • Social Security form (“Modulo gestione separata INPS dottorati”);
  • any other required documentation (if any) that was not provided at application time.

For candidates admitted without a grant, enrollment also requires the payment of a first installment tuition fee (Eur 456,00). For candidates admitted with a grant, enrollment requires the payment of an insurance premium of Eur 23.69. For payments, please follow the instructions contained in the enrollment form. The receipt of payment should be attached to the enrollment form.